TS 3000

Unparalleled Clarity,
Extremely Amazing

TS 3000
TS 3000 Head

Brass Single-head and Dual-head Chestpiece

Best sound transmission. Dual-head chestpiece design meets the needs of pediatric auscultation.

Double-Y Tubing

Isolating ambient noise and optimizing sound transmission. 30,000 times bending test proves the durability and non-deformation.

TS 3000 Ear Tube

Various Types of Functional Diaphragm

Patented airtight diaphragm that filters ambient noise and avoid cross-infections of use.

TS 3000 Diaphragm
TS 3000 Ear

Comfortable Ear-tips Design

Two sizes of ergonomic designed ear-tips improve the comfort of auscultation.

Radiant Appearance

Eight choices of color for different preferences.

TS 3000 ocean-blue
Ocean BlueGrayBlueBlackYellowRedWine RedPurple
Clear Sound

Clear and Precise Sound

Each stethoscope passed the strict acoustic test before leaving the factory to ensure the transmission of original sound and low sound attenuation, helping the physician to identify the subtle differences in sound clearly and precisely.

Specification Table

Black/Gray/Ocean Blue/Purple/Yellow/Red/Blue/Wine Red
755 mm
Head Material
Diaphragm Material
Sinus Hardness
2 Years